Asylum6 Logo Design

Branding guidelines for an online gaming group

Asylum6 is a gaming YouTube channel ran by one of my buddies. It features game-play, montages, and conversations on some of the most popular video games on the market.

The Ask

I was asked to create branding guidelines and a logo for Asylum6.

The Process

I wanted to learn more about what type of message Asylum6 wanted to send to its prospective viewers. After conducting a creative brief with the founder, I decided that red would be the most appropriate color. Since the audience is mostly American, red mostly symbolizes excitement, energy, and intensity.

We agreed that the logo needed to be able to apply well on the web or on paper, and that there would need to be multiple versions in gray-scale.

The Answer

Asylum6 Branding Detail
Asylum6 Branding Detail

The Outcome

Asylum6 was very happy with the result and the branding is now used throughout their content.